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Battery materials research

No New Posts Digital Battery Development

Modeling and analysis of Batteries.

Moderator: Ilona Glatt

Digital Material R&D

No New Posts Structural Material Modeling and Analysis

Modelling and analysis of Additive Manufactured materials, Composites, Ceramics, Foams and Technical Textiles

Moderator: Martina Hümbert

Digital Rock Physics

No New Posts Core Analysis

The quality of reservoir models is determined with Digital Core Analysis (DCA). The results of DCA are essential input data for modern reservoir models.

Moderator: Christian Hinz


No New Posts Air- and Liquid Filtration

Applications dealing with air and liquid (e.g. oil and water) filtration. Design, modeling, simulation and optimization of filter media and filter elements at different scales.

Moderator: Philipp Eichheimer

Fuel Cells research

No New Posts Fuel Cells and Electrolysers

Modeling and prediction of properties of Proton-Exchange Membrane and Solid Oxide Fuel Cells. Modelling and property prediction of PEM-electrolysers.

Moderator: Ilona Glatt

Image Processing and Image Analysis

No New Posts CT, µCT and FIB-SEM

Processing and analysis of CT, µCT and FIB-SEM images using GeoDict.

Moderator: Andreas Grießer

GeoDict Modules and their functionality

No New Posts Basic functionality and features (GeoDict Base Package)

Technical questions regarding the basic functional features of GeoDict for the modules integrated in the GeoDict: ImportGeo-Base, ExportGeo-Base, GadGeo, ProcessGeo, LayerGeo, GeoLab, GeoPy, GeoDexcel, Base Package, GeoApps, GUI, Raycaster, etc.

No New Posts Import of files and images (ImportGeo modules)

Technical questions regarding the import of files and images into GeoDict: ImportGeo-Vol and ImportGeo-CAD

No New Posts Modelling and generation (-Geo modules)

Technical questions regarding the -Geo modules for modeling and generation of micro-structures: FiberGeo, PaperGeo, GrainGeo, FoamGeo, WeaveGeo, GridGeo, PleatGeo

No New Posts Analysis (-Find modules)

Technical questions related to the -Find modules for the analysis of micro-structures: GeoDict-AI, FiberFind, GrainFind, PoroDict & MatDict

No New Posts Property prediction (-Dict modules)

Technical questions related to the -Dict modules for the prediction of material properties under varying conditions: DiffuDict, ConductoDict, FlowDict, ElastoDict, FilterDict, AddiDict, SatuDict, AcoustoDict, BatteryDict,

No New Posts Export of files and images (ExportGeo modules)

Technical questions related to the export of files and images using the ExportGeo modules: ExportGeo-CAD, ExportGeo-Fluent, ExportGeo-Abaqus

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